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The Sherpa is a frugal golfer to say the least.  When I play, my bag is full of homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…made by the lovely and talented Mrs. Sherpa.  I buy my clubs on Ebay and if my best friend doesn’t pay me on a two dollar press, I will get “medieval” on him.

It is in this context that you need to understand how valuable I consider a box of ProV1s, the “apex predator” of golf balls.

Why is the Sherpa giving up such a tremendous piece of his soul ?

Simple:  I want all of my readers to have a chance to play good cheap golf.

Here is the deal: For three weeks the Sherpa wants you to comment on the best golf course under $31.   On Wednesday April the 8th,  I will pick the winner and create a “Sherpa Shrine” to your competitive writing greatness.  The most interesting essay/comment wins (as judged by my motley panel of judges, who quite frankly aren’t qualified to pour “you know what” out of a boot).

Why is it so cool to have your own “Sherpa Shrine”? 

  • Your Shrine will show your picture and proclaim your glory as ”Leader of the World as We Know It”
  • Your Shrine will show your winning comment/essay in all of its unedited splendor.
  • Your Shrine will last until until you get kicked to the curb by the next contest winner.
  • I will email a link to your buddies so they can bask in your unadulterated enshrined awesomeness.

In your comment please include:

  • Course name and website address (if they have one)
  • Course location: Address, City, State.
  • Why the course  is not a “goat track” – remember we want good golf courses.
  • Cool memories at the course.
  • You best score on the course.
  • Why you recommend it.
  • Your name and email so I can reward your total domination when you win.

How this helps everyone:

When the contest is over the Sherpa will also post the three runner up comments along with a list of all of the courses that were recommended.  The list, thanks to your efforts,  will serve as a valuable reference for all of my frugal golfing readers and hopefully save them some of their hard earned dough.

What can I say…I’m a giver.

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