Sometimes even the Sherpa needs a Guide…(for Tee Times, that is)

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This coming weekend, the Sherpa is going to share 27 holes with his best friend whom he has not seen in over 3 months.  The complicating factor is that the Sherpa and his compadre are each going to have to drive half way to meet  (so that neither of us spends the entire day on the road). 

Initially, that presented a unique problem for the Sherpa.

You see dear readers, I am totally unfamiliar with the area in which we are going to meet, and being the Sherpa…I was expected to set up our Tee Time.   In the words of Dr. Bones McCoy (of the USS Enterprise), I am thinking, “Damnit Jim, I’m a Golf Sherpa… not a travel agent”! 

Right about this time, I get a twitter message from the good folks at GolfSigma.  They wanted me to look at their golf reservation site and review it.  Hmmm…

It was a no-brainer…I needed help and they wanted me to give their service a whirl. 


The Sherpa is low tech, but the site made it ridiculously easy for me to search the area, find a decent course and then handed me off to a website that would do the booking.

So now the Sherpa is thinking “self, what is the catch”?  Naturally, being world-famously frugal, I went directly to the website (of the actual course) and the price was exactly the same…again wow.  GolfSigma had not tried to upcharge the Sherpa’s wallet with any “hidden” or “transactional fees”.  In fact, GolfSigma didn’t add any fees because they don’t actually sell you anything.

So now I’m thinking, “how do they make money?  Where is the Sherpa getting pinched”? 

So I look around GolfSigma’s website some more and there in black and white is their business model.  Basically, they are a kind of ”Google for golf ” service (if you will), who makes it super easy to find and book Tee times.  They don’t affiliate with any websites so there are no back end pricing deals. 

They just find you a tee time, connect you with a seller and live off of advertising.  You just pay for your tee time and go your merry way.

No muss no fuss.

Bottom line: The Sherpa loves these types of business models, because their primary existence serves to make golfers lives easier and less expensive.  This aligns beautifully with what the Sherpa tries to do for your golf game with each post I so lovingly put forth.

GolfSigma is now “Sherpa certified” and I strongly suggest you give them a whirl when you are setting up your next tee time.

Have a safe and low cost weekend dear readers.

Play on…

The Sherpa