The Argument for Lessons…

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Basic golf truth…”It is the indian and not the arrow”.  Every golfer at one time or another, regardless of skill level, succumbs to the basically false logic that a game can be bought.  The truth is that with a good fundamental swing you could score with a rake and a range ball.  How do you get that good fundamental swing?  Not Ebay…lessons.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to lust over cool golf gear later on.  Right now you need to learn the fundamentals before you ingrain bad habits.

If I could go back in time, I would have saved the $500 I spent on my first expensive driver and bought lessons.  Why, because I fell into the trap that lots of beginners fall into. They buy cool golf stuff then try to teach themselves a skill that they don’t fundamentally understand .  In so doing, they go diligently to the driving range to ingrain totally bad habits,  making it harder to be taught a proper swing later on.

Teaching yourself, at the beginning, is like saying that you should be able to decipher calculus because you can write all of the numbers between 1 and 100.  If you have a proper guide, the swing can be revealed to you in ways that you can digest and appropriately practice.

Sadly, it isn’t enough to accept that you should spend your money on lessons.  Now you have to be able to articulate to your golf pro what you are looking for in lessons.  Most good golf pros, you see, are looking for feedback on what you want accomplish.  I was unable because of ego to say what I really wanted to say when I took my first lesson.

The Sherpa’s guidance on this is very clear.  Clear your throat and proclaim that you “want to work on basic swing mechanics” so that you have a sound fundamental swing.  There is no shame and nothing but upside by being honest about your desire to learn the swing the right way the first time.  You will appear wise and clearly aware of the core value that a pro brings to the capability of a new golfer.   You may be a “feel player” or a “mechanical player” but either way, you gotta learn how to “swing it sweet”.

Closing thoughts…Spend your next hard earned cash on lessons, not clubs.  Jack Nicklaus was reported to go back to Jack Grout before each tournament season to revisit the most basic pieces of his golf swing so that his fundamentals would never deteriorate. If you are undecided or are struggling with selecting a pro, consider a coach who specializes in teaching junior players.  My pro is a junior talent development specialist and his patience is unmatched.

Good luck friends….

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2 Responses to “The Argument for Lessons…”

  1. Crawford Says:

    A rake and a range ball would be an improvement for me.

    I’m reminded of Dub, when he proclaimed to me the secret of the perfect swing: “Don’t think too much about it, just do what feels natural.”

    Problem is, nothing about golf feels natural.

  2. The Golf Sherpa Says:


    There is no perfect swing and Golf is a game of opposites…nothing about it at first feels natural…which is why I urge any and all who are thinking about going it alone…get a lesson.

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