How to dress for Golf Part 2…Cold Weather

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The Sherpa is tough but doesn’t like to be too cold.  Playing golf well (while in cold weather) requires some basic gear to keep you comfortable and mentally focused.  

In cold weather you are really trying to simultaneously stay dry, warm, comfortable and unencumbered.   The essential checklist, from head to toe is as follows:

  1. HatWarm Head=Cool Mind. Think wrap-around fleece.  Remember your head is the place you lose lots of your body heat, so wrap your noggin.  Good choices are “lined” caps or my favorite..the fleece or wool scull cap.  The baseball cap, in this instance is a poor choice because it does little to insulate your head and is liable to blow off your head if the cold weather is paired with wind. ($5)                          
  2. Shirt: Multiple Layers = Multiple Options. Think layers. While the Sherpa is on record as a serious moisture wicking fan, it will be just as important to wear layers of shirts (Long Sleeve under a Short Sleeve).   Layering allows you to modulate warmth by shedding shirts as temperature varies throughout your round. Price is relatively cheap for this solution.  A normal long sleeve mock turtle shirt is $20-$30 and a high tech moisture wicking short sleeve is about $20-$30. 
  3. Outerwear:  Proper Fit = Minimal Interference and Maximum Warmth. Think form fitting, fleece and add a wind shirt if windy.  For fleece, the mistake you want to avoid is buying a top that is too tight in the shoulders and loose around the waist.  Tight in the shoulders restricts good movement and loose at the waist lets cold air in and crowds your hands when swinging and putting.  The same rule applies for windshirts.  Both garments are gettable for $30.  
  4. Pants: Good Pants and Happy Legs = Good Base and Balance. Think wool, heavy khaki.  The Sherpa (notoriously frugal) is a big fan of re-using worn out work slacks for just this occasion.  For no money you can  just wear tailored slacks  that no longer are nice enough to wear to the office.  Same for khaki.  If neither of these options work for you, lined rain pants also work great.  The Sherpa found a great pair for $30.                             
  5. Undergarments: Warm Undies=I am Sure you know this one. If the weather is cold but not frigid…30s to 40s(fahrenhiet) then normal moisture wicking material is fine.  If you play in frigid weather then long underwear (flannel or cotton) are a great choice to add an extra layer of warmth. Price $10-$15.
  6. Socks:Warm Feet = Little Distraction. No brainer.  Wool sports socks or heavy moisture wicking cotton.  Price $10-$15.                              
  7. Shoes: Dry Feet = Priceless Comfort. Think waterproof.  As discussed in Part 1 of this series, comfort is key and you should be very picky.  If your current pair is ventilated  (as most tennis shoe type golf shoes are) you need to think about getting a pair that are waterproof and a bit heavier.  I have a terrific pair of Footjoy shoes that I have had for over 3 years and they keep my feet very dry when I play in cold and wet conditions.  $50-$100.
  8. Gloves: Specialty Gloves=Your Call (follow your instincts). Think about your tolerance.  Gloves are a personal choice because of the varying opinions regarding hand warmth vs feel.  The Sherpa only wears heavy golf gloves when the mercury falls below 40 (fahrenheit).  I have a pair made by USG called Thermaflex. ( $30).  I also have a pair of Footjoy (RainGrip) rain gloves I wear when there is no lightning around and the rain is falling ($30). 


Bottom line:  Make wise spending choices and for a lot less than you think, you can be both warm and effective even on very cold days.

If you have any tips, or know of some great “cold day” golf products that are easy on the wallet..share your comments.

Play on..and keep warm..

The Sherpa

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