Good golf is not always between your ears…

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A proper golf swing is the result of an athletic move..not a checklist of mental tips piled up in your psyche from too many golf magazines.  The sooner the beginner learns this, the quicker she/he is set on the path toward better golf. 

Why?   Two main reasons:

1: To make an athletic move you must first train as an athlete does.  Now before you get nervous…the Sherpa is no athlete, but I perform daily fundamental exercises to improve strength, cardiovascular stamina and flexibility. 

2: It is free, my favorite price.

In my case I have a simple motto.  Stretch and break a sweat every day.  30 minutes a day will do much more than you can imagine. 

As you limber up you will be able to make a better turn away from the ball, stay balanced more effectively and make a stronger move to your left side (for the right handed golfer).  You will also find that your focus will improve with stamina so that you can think your way around the golf course more effectively.

The more in shape you are when you take lessons from a golf pro, the quicker he/she will be able to train you into the positions required to make a sound golf swing..guaranteed.

My biggest takeaway from my pro was that I was way too stiff and inflexible, which caused me to compensate too much with my hands as opposed to making a proper turn.  Many pros I speak with all tell me that my lack of flexibility is much more common than not and that the quicker I make my body more limber, the quicker I can drive improvements.

When you talk to your  pro, make it a point to have this conversation.  A good pro will actually test your flexibility and give you tips on how to stretch your trouble areas.  Bottom line..the hands hold the golf club…your body is the motor for the swing and you need to keep it tuned up.

Never forget….stretch and sweat.

The Sherpa

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2 Responses to “Good golf is not always between your ears…”

  1. el jefe Says:

    Stretching is ALL important, not only in golf but for everyday living and good health throughout your life. Thirty minutes each morning makes the day worthwhile and mixed with a proper amount of meditation starts the day with a clear mind and a more relaxed body. And don’t forget each day to hug your Sherpettes….

  2. THe Golf sherpa Says:

    The Sherpa heartily agrees. Happy body settles the mind and makes all things work better..especially the golf game. Makes you a worldclass hugger as well..

    Come back anytime Jefe,

    Glad to have you aboard!

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