Take a bite out of golf swing Tension…

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The Sherpa is usually low tension on the golf course, but watching one of my Sherpettes put me on a path to discovering a good (cost free) tip on reducing swing tension without any practice.  What I like so much about this tip is that I was able to help my daughter instantly (and I hope to do so for you).

It was just a few weeks ago and the Sherpa and his lovely Sherpette were at the driving range.  After a few swings, I noticed that her normal full swing was kind of recoiling at the end.  Instead of swinging to a full finish, in other words, she was kind of chopping the end of the swing off.

“Daughter”, I asked “why are you swinging so hard”?  “I’m not Dad” she replied.  After another couple of swings, I noticed she was right.  She wasn’t swinging too hard, she just wasn’t “flowing” and “graceful”.

I then asked myself, “what is the opposite of graceful”?  All I could come up with was thoughts like “choppy” and “rigid”.  I then asked her to swing again, and as I looked at her angelic face, I noticed something very telling.

She was clenching her jaw. …So clear was her facial tension, that I could see little ripples of sinew in her cheeks. 

“Daughter”, I asked again, “are you mad or in pain”?  “No Dad”, she replied, ”I am just trying to swing good”.

It was then that I formulated a powerful thought (almost made me pass out from pure genius).

“Self”, I thought, “we need to get this kid to lighten up without thinking about it”.  I decided  to target the tension where I saw it…her face.

“Daughter”, I asked, “Can you rest your tongue between your upper and lower front teeth, then take another swing that way”? 

Now the Sherpa’s children adore the sire, but even my own flesh and blood was thinking this an odd request.

Hiding her skepticism like a true pro, she did as her loving father implored and “whammo”.  She tagged it right on the sweetspot and finished with a lovely and graceful finish.

Bottom line:  Even if you are not aware of tension or feel tension, it can creep into your flexibility and golf swing.  If you unclench your jaw, it is difficult to carry tension while your mouth is in such a relaxed state. 

Next time you step up to the ball…let your jaw stay loose enough to easily rest your tongue between your front teeth.  Doing so will allow you to take a very solid step in systematically reducing tension.  Best of all (its free).

Play on and stay loose…

The Sherpa

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3 Responses to “Take a bite out of golf swing Tension…”

  1. Gigi Says:

    As a true and dedicated Sherpite, I am continually amazed at the clarity and simplicity of the sage advise of my Sherpa. This jewel of guidance is many faceted and will flash brilliance in the varied ways that your dedicated followers chose to apply it. With minimal synaptic utilization your body knows not to drop the head or let the chin get in the way of the shoulders as they make the full, smooth on plane rotation that is the “Shangri-La” of your followers. After all, the body instictively doesn’t want to endanger the enjoyment of chocolate or the ability to make sense when calling a “grounding the club in the hazard” penalty on your match play opponant at the local muni. Once again you have lead your Sherpite through the crevasse.

  2. The Golf Sherpa Says:


    As a dedicated Golf Sherpa, I am thrilled that you feel like this post was clear and simple.

    When you love the game as much as the Sherpa does (and I know you do or you would not have won all of those tournaments), and your passion is to help others on their journey…two pieces of feedback on my writing are key:

    Clarity and Simplicity…thanks for your kind gift.

    The process of reducing complex ideas to essential elements is a labor of love that I adore (albeit it is a labor).

    Please comment often…good or bad..all are welcome..

    Your Humble Sherpa

  3. Never Lose Him Review Says:

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    out of golf swing Tension

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