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The Sherpa’s role on your golf journey is one of guidance and companionship.  This is an honor I accept with joy, curiosity and passion each day that I share my writings and insights.  When it comes to technical training of the golf swing, I am committed to getting you the best coaching available.  It is in this spirit that I reflected on the essential question…

Who would I trust with your golf swing?  The Sherpa’s honest answer is Shawn Clement.  To be clear, I have never met this instructor nor are we related in any way. 

I rated him on:

Clarity:   He has no clutter in his instruction, he only discusses the thoughts at hand and fully explains desired outcomes.

Style: His style is very comfortable and collaborative.  Lots of swing coaches I evaluated were autocratic and condescending of other swing styles.

Knowledge: His knowledge is apparent in how he describes the physical forces at work in the golf swing.

Capability: He respects his game enough to stay in shape, enabling him to do exactly what he asks of his students.

Analogies:  His use of analogies are spot on.  When he describes the importance of swing position, he doesn’t wing it.  He makes parallels that are appropriate and thoughtful.


Having earned the Sherpa Seal of Approval,  I am excited about this guy and I hope you watch this video in its entirety.  It explains one of the most important and time honored drills in the game..

I present to you…”The Feet Together Drill” by Shawn Clement

Play on…

The Sherpa

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