Why I write this blog..

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All my life I have enjoyed testing myself and experiencing new challenges.  When my best friend got me started playing golf a few years ago, I started on one of the most amazing journeys of my life.    Not because of the common golf cliches..”the golf swing is a mystery” or “the mental game is so elusive”  but because when I play golf, all I do is play golf.

If you are anything like me and have a thousand worries, ranging from my kids college tuition.. global economic recession… the ballooning national deficit… that funny new sound my car is making… then you probably have noticed that there are moments when an activity totally engrosses you and washes all of those worries away.  That happens to me when I play golf.

If you are looking for a healthy way to ease your mind and spend a lifetime unlocking a sport that you can play into your nineties, then I humbly offer my guidance as your Sherpa or guide.  As your devoted Sherpa,  I offer my wisdom,  good faith and support on your golf journey by using this blog to keep you from the common pitfalls facing the newly interested golfer.

In summary, I write to fulfill my passion and to support your complete enjoyment of  the game.

Thanks for reading,

The Golf Sherpa (post #1 March 9th, 2009).

7 Responses to “Why I write this blog..”

  1. jim Says:

    Wow nice job!
    Must not have enough work for you
    Come visit put the blog to test
    Arrogant Bastard on Draft!

  2. The Golf Sherpa Says:

    Ah the Arrogant Bastard…possibly the best tasting IPA on the planet. I knew it well…Thanks for the Kudos and hope the to visit your fine golfing state soon.

    Sherpa, out

  3. Precious Says:

    If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach elnightmennet.

  4. dsdrntwg Says:

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  6. Jim Says:


    Love your blog. Sorry to see it has been so long since you’ve written. Would like to talk more about your experience, offline. Drop me a note and let’s chat.


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