The real lesson of the Byron Nelson has nothing to do with Golf…

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First a bit of heresy…

Not all that the Sherpa learns from watching golf ends up being about golf…


Please dear reader…do not judge me for my apparent oversight, and (may I add) potentially self incriminating thoughts that would have you think that I have lost my mind.

Fear not…there is a point…there is always a point.

The day started quite innocently.  The Sherpa was browsing lovingly through a wonderful vintage copy of one of my favorite golf instruction tomes.

I was just getting ready to spoon a mouthful of my standard Saturday treat…a  ”Jethro Bowl” of soy ice cream with about nine different toppings.

Note: Each weekend my middle Sherpette carefully and devotedly makes this sugary delight and I am certain that heaven has swimming pools of this elixer…diving boards included…

I digress…

To round out the experience, I was laying on what has to be one of the top three most comfortable couches on the planet, being gently serenaded by the voices of Golf Channel TV commentators  as they did God’s work (narrating the Byron Nelson golf tournament ) in HD…Oh baby!

Immersed in the syrupy goodness of the “Sherpa zone”, I thought myself impenetrable to all things “non golf ” when I looked up to notice the final pairing…namely Rory Sabbattini.

Rory, you may or may not know, has a quite outspoken countenance.

He has what the Sherpa would tactfully call a chronic deficiency of ”good cheer” …most notably calling out “you know who” (initials…TW) at the players some years back, resulting in a sound whuppin from the world’s number one and further solidification of his ill temperment.

So why did Rory catch my attention?

He wore a silly pink ribbon on his cap…

My first impression was that he was “dissing” the field somehow..perhaps making a not so subtle commentary about his contemporaries.

No one else was wearing one, so what else was the Sherpa to believe?

I turned up the volume and rewound the DVR (another blessed creation) to see if I could somehow divine the purpose of said ribbon.

Over the next few moments it became apparent that Rory was wearing a ribbon of support for Phil’s wife Amy…she has breast cancer.

For all of the right reasons, my caramel layered comfort was completely disrupted.

My mind filled with my own personal experience with the disease.

My best friend, you see, lost his wife to breast cancer.

Janice (as I am sure Mrs. Mickleson is) was a terrific person.  She loved my best friend and was a top ten mother.

She was articulate, humble, brilliant, loving, kind, generous, subtle, unpretentious and now…

Terribly missed.

She left behind a litany of friends and family that cherish her memory.

In her wake of goodness she also left a stark reminder of how deadly this disease is.  In my personal life, I have since made it my mission to hound Mrs. Sherpa to be checked each year, as I will the Sherpettes when they are old enough.

It is in her wonderful memory that I dedicate today’s bottom line:

Bottom line: If you are like the Sherpa (when he turned forty) you may have already experienced the rare pleasure of submitting to a digital prostate exam…as my dear mother would exclaim here… “good lord Miss Agnes!”  If you can overcome that small indignity you can certainly cajole, shame, coerce or love all of the important women in your life into be screened for breast cancer…Janice would certainly approve.

God bless you Janice, we love and miss you.

Love on…

The Sherpa


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