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The Sherpa is a frugal golfer to say the least.  When I play, my bag is full of homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…made by the lovely and talented Mrs. Sherpa.  I buy my clubs on Ebay and if my best friend doesn’t pay me on a two dollar press, I will get “medieval” on him.

It is in this context that you need to understand how valuable I consider a box of ProV1s, the “apex predator” of golf balls.

Why is the Sherpa giving up such a tremendous piece of his soul ?

Simple:  I want all of my readers to have a chance to play good cheap golf.

Here is the deal: For three weeks the Sherpa wants you to comment on the best golf course under $31.   On Wednesday April the 8th,  I will pick the winner and create a “Sherpa Shrine” to your competitive writing greatness.  The most interesting essay/comment wins (as judged by my motley panel of judges, who quite frankly aren’t qualified to pour “you know what” out of a boot).

Why is it so cool to have your own “Sherpa Shrine”? 

  • Your Shrine will show your picture and proclaim your glory as ”Leader of the World as We Know It”
  • Your Shrine will show your winning comment/essay in all of its unedited splendor.
  • Your Shrine will last until until you get kicked to the curb by the next contest winner.
  • I will email a link to your buddies so they can bask in your unadulterated enshrined awesomeness.

In your comment please include:

  • Course name and website address (if they have one)
  • Course location: Address, City, State.
  • Why the course  is not a “goat track” – remember we want good golf courses.
  • Cool memories at the course.
  • You best score on the course.
  • Why you recommend it.
  • Your name and email so I can reward your total domination when you win.

How this helps everyone:

When the contest is over the Sherpa will also post the three runner up comments along with a list of all of the courses that were recommended.  The list, thanks to your efforts,  will serve as a valuable reference for all of my frugal golfing readers and hopefully save them some of their hard earned dough.

What can I say…I’m a giver.

Blog on…

The Sherpa

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13 Responses to “Win a dozen new Pro V1s!”

  1. Gigi Says:

    Hey, do you want any editing services or do you like the “humble” ness that a few misspellings and grammatical errors engender in your faithful followers?

    I think you have a wonderful idea and beautiful slant on the appeal this site offers us blue collar golfers.

    An idea, why not ask your sherpites to describe their grips and other mechanics to share with other sherpites and in that way getting them to focus on the minutia that is the life of the dedicated golfer. (ie. I place my five iron grip 3/4 of an inch to the right of my left instep and my left hand 1 inch down from the top of the grip laying across the inside of the nuckles with the palm wrapped lightly across the top of the grip while overlapping my pinky finger on my right hand just inside the crook of my pointer finger on my left hand so that the main pressure of my right hand is focused on the middle and ring finger. This has allowed me to have a more consistant grip pressure even though I can’t play/practice as much as my soul demands I do. Does not being able to pay green fees qualify for a government bailout? Isn’t that what TARP was for?)

  2. The Golf Sherpa Says:

    Clearly the Sherpa is better at the mental game than the spelling game…but I digress. Thanks for the Kudos on the site. I really want blue collar and beginner golfers (who don’t have the finances to throw money at the game unwisely) to benefit from my blogs and insightful commentary like yours.

    To your other comments…I agree that our souls demand much more golf than we can afford, but I love that you have developed a way to visualize your ideal grip pressure.

    Now that you have inspired me, I will blog tonight on grip pressure and see what you think.

    Thanks for your comments!

    PS I fixed “by” to “my”. Thanks for the heads up.

    Golf Sherpa…out.

  3. jim Says:
    Pueblo de Cochiti Golf Course
    5200 Cochiti Highway
    Cochiti Lake, New Mexico 87083
    (505) 465-2239 Not always under 31 but winter rate is $ 28 and I have only had one day I couldn’t play this winter. Twilight is always 28 and us seniors play for 35 regular season.

    Enough about price this is an awesome layout!!!

    In the Jemez Mountains, Pueblo de Cochiti is located approximately 50 minutes north of Albuquerque absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The local tribe has named it ” heaven with a zip code”
    Designed in 1981 by Robert Trent Jones Jr and Golf Digest has currently rated Cochiti a 4 star facility.

    A fair test of golf for all skill levels. A top notch course that beginers can play but good golfers will be challenged to shoot their handicap. If in New Mexico this course is a deal!

  4. The Golf Sherpa Says:

    Wow! This sounds like a great course! I love the local tribe’s name for it…”heaven with a zip code”. I can’t believe that a Robert Trent Jones Jr course can be had for such a great price! You have done well! Terrific post! You will be very hard to beat!

    Play on..

    The Sherpa

  5. markt Says:


    10650 Highway 377 South
    Benbrook, TX 76126
    (817) 249-9996

    This course is a little off the beaten path, and therefore is usually easy to get into. Their carts have GPS, its a challenging course and the scenery is exceptional for a DFW metroplex location. Not to mention it was rated 4-star by Golf Digest!

    The price for weekday after 11am is $30, and after 3 any day is $25.

    My wife and I went to play one late afternoon on a Tuesday several years ago. There was a 3-some in front of us, and when we got up to them, we realized it was a man and his 2 small sons. One of the sons had a cast on his right arm and was still “learning” the game. I think his final score was lower than mine! It was a great round for us, and the group infront of us was a constant reminder of what you, wise Sherpa, preach. It is only a game, and having fun is what it’s all about.

    I won’t bore you with my “best score”, but I did shoot par on a par 3 hole and a par 4 hole on the same day!

    I definitely recommend it, for the afformentioned reasons listed under the guise that it is not a “goat track”. Not to mention how nice their website/web presence is.

    The Sherpa can call me markt, and knows where to find me when I need to be found.

  6. The Golf Sherpa Says:

    Ahhh..the Whitestone.

    A very good choice. The Sherpa has played this track and can personally submit that no goats were in sight. A terrific value and a great place to play a fair test of golf.

    If you are selected by my motely crew…I most definitely will find you.

    Play on…
    The Sherpa

  7. Sami Mikhail Says:

    Pecan Hollow Golf Course.

    4501 East 14th Street
    Plano, TX 75074

    Phone: 972.941.7600

    Pecan Hollow holds a special place in my heart because it’s where I really started playing the Sacred Game.

    It’s a Muni Course. But it’s one of the best maintained courses in the area. Definitely not a goat track.

    The Staff is ALWAYS friendly, supportive and courteous. (No I don’t work for Pecan Hollow, but I sure do spend a lot of time there. :) ) Having just started reading The Sherpa’s Blog, I’m sure he’ll agree that this helps getting in the right mind set for the Golf Course.

    I have to admit, now, that it is actually a very forgiving course. The several dozen balls left behind in the ponds and creeks are of my doing, not the courses diabolical design – as I used to kid myself prior to analyzing my game.

    My best score there? 87. Not stellar, but considering that I’ve been over 100 for the last years, and have just now (last three weeks) been breaking 100, I’m pretty happy. :)

    I recommend this course on it’s own merit of course, but also because it’s a good “get your confidence back” course.

  8. jim Says:

    This is a special course. They held tour school here for three years – Paul Azinger made the tour from here. It is a Pete Dye design before Pete Dye decided every new golf course had to be harder than impossible. I guess from when he still enjoyed playing. It is a fantastic layout – off the beaten path about an hour and a half north of Houston. The club house is going to be leveled and renovated the hotel is closed but the golf course and it’s condition are awesome. Most days under $30.

  9. jim Says:

    Forgot the course and the website
    Livingston, Texas

  10. The Golf Sherpa Says:


    The Sherpa sends you his most warm greetings! I am delighted that you have such a wonderful emotional attachment to a lovely little muni like Pecan Hollow. This sounds like one of those courses that you can go back to time and time again to re-attach to the sacred game….holy ground if you will. Forgiveness is not how I would judge this wonderful little course. I would be much more interested in the affinity you have for this course because of the overall experience these folks provide for golfers (and that it is not a goat track). Bravo…

    87 by the way is a very respectable score and I wish only that you had a terrific time doing so. I had the same type of course that I learned on in Haslet, Texas and I would play this little flat track to work on new shots and re attach with the fun of the game. Keep giving it your money. It is a noble enterprise indeed.

    Bottom line: Loved your post…I am always interested in what you have to say.

    Play on new reader…
    The Sherpa

  11. The Golf Sherpa Says:


    Indeed…the Sherpa agrees…This is a WONDERFUL course. Probably the best course I have ever played for the price. The infrastructure (clubhouse, etc), to your point, has seen better days, but the course if vintage PETE DYE. Very high on the Sherpa’s “wow” meter. When they renovate this course will be untouchable for less than 80 of the Sherpa’s hard earned dollars….don’t you think so?

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