Golf Haiku…

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During the weeks since my injury, the Sherpa has spent time musing about things to keep my ADD mind busy.

During this period I have discovered a fascination with Haiku. 

Haiku…a centuries old form of Japanese poetry is addictive to write and beautiful in its form.

To compose you need only remember a few simple rules:

1: Three verses.

2: First verse = five syllables

3: Second verse = seven syllables.

4: Third verse = five syllables.

That’s it…

Golf impressions that swirl around the Sherpa’s labrynth of a mind sometimes end up in posts…today they will make their debut as poetry…

Enjoy dear reader…


“Weekend Money Match”

Putted ball rolls in

Pandemonium ensues

Old friends exchange skins

“Peril at the PGA”

Watching from fairway

Tiger yells “fore left”!…UH, OH

Nike dents my head

“Golf’s Sweet Agony”

Golf is sweet agony

Each round like a candy bar

Each hole one less bite

“Ode to Tom Watson (’09  British Open)”

The old man contends

His brilliance transcends eras

My heart is broken

“Driving Range Wisdom”

Practice makes perfect

Only if you prepare well

Else misery reigns

“Marriage Counseling”

Try to play each week

Your spouse needs the time alone

And you need practice

“Golf and the Everlasting Soul”

My best friends play golf

Each is going to heaven

Where everyone pars

“Golf Perspective”

I see my bad lie

I know it could be much worse

I could be at work

“The Golf Cult Zealot”

Surlyn is my god

I worship it on the green

Putters are holy

“Anxious Putter”

Roll ball at the cup

Hope I catch more than the lip

Putts can make me cry

“Golf and Haiku”

Golf is like Haiku

Requires more fives than sevens

Both are poetry


Bottom line:  Sometimes in sharing ideas (as with swing thoughts), less is more. 


Take a moment and write me your favorite Haiku thought. 

Play on…

The Sherpa

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8 Responses to “Golf Haiku…”

  1. G Money Says:


    Golf can be fascinating

    Best friends make it great

  2. David Greenlee Says:

    cradling a bird
    gently shoulders back then hips
    reverse set bird free

    Nice golfing with you. Thanks for the advice.
    -David (and Jack)-

  3. The Golf Sherpa Says:

    awesome haiku….

    remember the grip…
    will set you free if you wish…
    just let it happen

  4. The Golf Sherpa Says:

    terrific haiku…

    friends are like golf glue
    they can hold a round in check
    or chase off the blues

  5. The Chauffeur Says:

    The beer chick is hot!
    She brings me lots of cold beer.
    You think she digs me?

  6. Bob Says:

    Scabbard off my back -
    Iron flashes like a broadsword.
    My putter, my shield.

  7. Bob Says:

    Beer girl smiles at me.
    Moist red lips say “You are cute” -
    Thinks “like my grandpa”.

  8. Angus Says:

    love the golf poem Golf agony won a prize for macing it a word poen

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