“Sherpa Shrine”





Ladies and Gentlemen your patience is being rewarded.  For today we breathlessly reveal the long awaited winner of the first SherpaGolf contest.

He has been known to reverse the polarity of the earth (or at least signal before turning)…
His stomach is lined with cast iron…
He has caddied a pro event on TV…
He has scored a hole in one…
He has the best maintained golf shoes on the planet…no kidding.
His name?  Dr. Jim.
His new name for all eternity? The Master of the Universe or simply “the Master”.

The Master at WorkThe Master at Playsilly
The Master at “Work”                               The Master at “Play”                              The Master reacts to winning!

Immortality was acheived when the ”Master” sent in this little gem about a course called Waterwood near Houston Texas:

“This (Waterwood )  is a special course. They held tour school here for three years – Paul Azinger made the tour from here. It is a Pete Dye design before Pete Dye decided every new golf course had to be harder than impossible. I guess from when he still enjoyed playing. It is a fantastic layout – off the beaten path about an hour and a half north of Houston. The club house is going to be leveled and renovated the hotel is closed but the golf course and it’s condition are awesome. Most days under $30.”

Trust me dear readers, the Sherpa has actually played this course and it is amazing.  Like pearl before swine…I was not worthy.  It was the oddest thing.   All of the “non golf course infrastructure” was horrid…like perfect teeth on a cadaver, this course was freakishly (almost eerily) too good for its surroundings.   You have got to play it once.

Very good call Jim…um..I mean Master.    Your pick was indeed a solid choice.  Your balls are on their way!

Play on wildman…

The Sherpa